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    Information Security Risk Management

    Risk taxonomy with FAIR framework (coming soon)

    Security Awareness

    Cybersecurity Fundamentals

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    Cybersecurity for executives

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    ISAP implementer

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    Top skills for a successful CIO

    Chief Information Security Officer is emerging as one of the most demanded and highly paid executive roles in information security field. If you are aiming at achieving this role, you need to acquire a set of strong skills and knowledge. It is not anymore about IT only. A successful CIO must have the ability to translate cyber risks into financial figures, communicate with both Top Management and IT teams, have a full understanding of security standards, vulnerabilities, risk mitigation methods and more.

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    Information risk management (IRM)98%
    Create business value through technology95%
    IS policies, strategies, and standards87%
    Accountability 84%
    Implementing training programs 89%

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